How to Install a Water-cooled Ice Machine

The installation of a water-cooled ice machine may be a difficult task for many people, but today we will bring you detailed installation steps and a simple installation video.

Before installing a water-cooled ice machine, you need to know:

Things to know before installation:

  1. Check whether the outer packaging is damaged
  2. Check that all accessories are complete
  3. Confirm the water source and power supply of the installation site

Parts List:

  • Ice scoop
  • Storage refrigerator drain pipe
  • Ice machine drain pipe
  • Condensate drain pipe
  • Condensate inlet pipe
  • Ice machine inlet pipe
Parts List

First of all, we can briefly understand the installation process of the water-cooled ice machine through the installation video. If you still have questions, you can also continue to browse the text installation steps:

Water-cooled ice machine installation steps

Step 1: Prepare

Before starting the installation process, have all necessary tools and equipment ready. You’ll typically need a wrench, screwdriver, pipe cutter, level, and drill. Please check the accessories list, which usually includes: Ice scoop, Storage refrigerator drain pipe, Ice machine drain pipe, Condensate drain pipe, Condensate inlet pipe, Ice machine inlet pipe.

Step 2: Choose a suitable installation location

Choose the right location for your water-cooled ice machine. It should be well ventilated, protected from direct sunlight, and have enough clearance to allow air to circulate around the equipment. Also, make sure water and drainage connections are easy to access.

Step 3: Install the Ice Maker

Begin by mounting the ice machine securely to the floor or stable surface using the mounting brackets provided. Use a level to ensure that the equipment is perfectly level, as this is essential for its proper operation.

Step 4: Install the storage refrigerator drain pipe

The drain pipe is located at the bottom of the box machine. Fix it to the drain pipe port with a clamp and install it to the bottom drain outlet. Use a wrench to tighten the connection securely, making sure there are no leaks. If necessary, install a water filter to improve the quality of water entering the machine.

Install the storage refrigerator drain pipe

Step 5: Install the Ice Maker Inlet and Drain Pipes

Here you need to pay attention to the location of the power cord bayonet, ice making water inlet and ice making drain outlet. Remove the screws and open the cover, secure the clamp to the drain pipe port, connect it to the ice making drain port, and tighten it to make sure it is secure. One end of the ice making water inlet pipe is connected to the ice making water inlet, and the other end is connected to the tap water inlet. The pipe passes through the reserved opening of the cover plate, the power cord passes through the reserved opening, the buckle is tightened and fixed, and the cover plate is fixed and reset with screws.

Install the Ice Maker Inlet and Drain Pipes

Step 6: Install the condensate inlet and drain pipes

Remove the screws and open the cover. One end of the condensation water inlet pipe is connected to the condensation water inlet, the other end is connected to the tap water, and one end of the condensation drain pipe is connected to the condensation drain outlet. Note that there is pressure inside and the condensate drain pipe must be drained separately. The pipeline passes through the reserved opening of the cover plate and is fixed with screws for reset.

Step 7: Start water-cooled ice machine

Connect the ice machine to the power supply, press and hold the power button to start, delay the start for 5 minutes, and wait for ice making.

Start water-cooled ice machine

Step 8: Test water-cooled ice machine

Once all connections are made, turn on the water and power to the ice maker. Run the unit through a complete ice cycle while checking for leaks or unusual noises. Monitor ice production to ensure it meets manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 9: Final adjustments

Make any necessary adjustments to the water and drain connections to optimize ice machine performance. Use a thermometer to verify that the resulting ice is at the desired temperature.

Through the above installation steps and viewing the installation video, I believe you can complete the installation of the water-cooled ice machine. If you have any questions during the installation process, please contact a Grant Ice Systems expert and we will provide you with professional guidance. If you are looking for a water-cooled ice machine, you are welcome to browse the Grant Ice Systems website to select your ideal ice machine.



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